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Empowered Leaders
Group Coaching Program

Fall 2022 Cohort Dates:
September 2022 to February 2023

Join our upcoming program to grow your management knowledge and communication skills to become an Empowered Leader in today's world.

Do the Work

This program will be delivered via a combination of virtual, bi-weekly coaching sessions, pre-recorded videos, and guided activities over a period of six months. This is an interactive program and participants will have to accomplish activities regularly. More specific dates and details coming soon. 

Build Community

As a group program, you will build community with peers with the same situations and learn from each other's experiences. There is tremendous value in learning with a community because everyone's experience is different, helping expand your knowledge based even more.

Gain Confidence

This combination of coaching, videos, activities, and community is specifically designed to push you outside your comfort zone to gain confidence faster. But ultimately confidence comes from applying the techniques, succeeding or stumbling, learning from this, and then doing it all over again. This program will create opportunities for you or support you through situations happening in your current workplace. 

Submit your info for more details and pricing for the   Fall 2022 cohort of the Empowered Leaders Group Coaching Program.

You should receive an email from us shortly! If you didn't, please contact me at
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